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Alicia Silverstone Urges Brookhaven Lab To Reject NASA-Funded Project

By July 5, 2010

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Last week, Alicia Silverstone sent a personal phone message to over 1,000 Long Island-based Brookhaven National Laboratory workers on behalf of PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.) Silverstone is urging Brookhaven Lab to reject a NASA-funded project which would entail the lab blasting up to 30 squirrel monkeys with radiation.

Here's an excerpt from her phone message:

Hi, this is Alicia Silverstone. I'm sure that you were as disturbed as I was to learn that Brookhaven is considering blasting monkeys with radiation in a really cruel project funded by NASA. These bright but scared to death animals will be locked up for life and may suffer from brain damage, cancer, and blindness before dying in their barren steel cages.

Brookhaven's reputation as a cutting-edge scientific organization is ruined if this cruel study happens. NASA's European counterpart--the European Space Agency--has publicly condemned such experiments on monkeys.
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July 5, 2010 at 12:22 pm
(1) Ex-worker says:

People are so naive.These experiments have been going on here for years.The lab is government controlled with projects and experiments bordering on evil.There is radioactive waste buried all over the area with total disreguard for the surrounding community.Another not commonly known fact is that there are children housed there
taken from all over the world with certain kinds of birth defects that are being experimented on like lab rats ,with no consideration that they are human beings.

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