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Guide to Long Island, New York
A guide to Long Island, New York for residents as well as visitors.
Long Island Jobs - Long Island, NY - About.com
Where to find jobs and career planning resources on Long Island, NY.
Long Island Transportation - Long Island, NY - About.com
Here's where you'll get info on Long Island airports, buses, and the Long Island Railroad. You'll find out which websites have free maps and directions.
Popular Long Island Iced Tea Mixed Drink Recipe
This is a popular mixed drink that should be in everyone's drink repertoire. An easy way to remember how to make a Long Island Iced Tea is to think of a small ...
American Revolution: Battle of Long Island
Fought August 27-30, 1776, the Battle of Long Island saw the British force Gen. George Washington's army from Long Island. Occupying a line near Flatbush, the  ...
Hawaiian Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe - About.com Cocktails
Just as the Hawaiian Sea Breeze brings pineapple juice into a Sea Breeze, the Hawaiian Iced Tea bring it into the Long Island Iced Tea. Names like this make it  ...
Long Island City Photos - Queens, NY - About.com
Photos of Long Island City in Queens, New York. Recent photos of the greater Long Island City area.
Long Beach Tea Cocktail Recipe - About.com Cocktails
The Long Beach Tea is a variation of the iconic Long Island Iced Tea. What makes it worthy of the Long Beach moniker? The cranberry juice distinguishes this ...
Long Island City Restaurants - Queens, NY - About.com
Long Island City restaurants, especially in Hunters Point, offer a great range of fancy and informal restaurants and a diverse set of cuisines. Here are reviews of  ...
Neighborhoods of Long Island City, Queens - Queens, NY - About.com
Long Island City is made up of many neighborhoods, each with their own character. The best way to explore is neighborhood by neighborhood, even if the post ...
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