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Where to Find Great Beaches on Long Island - Long Island, NY
The name "Long Island" conjures up images of sun, sand and surf. With miles of sprawling sands, Long Island's beaches are legendary. From the powder-fine, ...
Main Beach, East Hampton - Long Island, NY - About.com
Main Beach, in the village of East Hampton,is one of Long Island's best beaches. "Dr. Beach" also calls it one of America's Top 10 Beaches.
Coopers Beach, Southampton - Long Island, NY - About.com
Coopers Beach, in the village of Southampton,is one of Long Island's best beaches. "Dr. Beach" also calls it one of America's Top 10 Beaches.
Sea Cliff Beach - Long Island, NY - About.com
Not every beach on Long Island features powder-fine sand like the ones on the South Shore. But the North Shore beaches have a charm all their own. Sea Cliff ...
Long Beach, NY Oceanfront Photo Tour - Long Island, NY - About.com
Long Beach, situated along the South Shore of Long Island, is generally 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter than its ...
Jones Beach State Park - Long Island, NY - About.com
With 6.5 miles of sprawling sands, Jones Beach State Park is also home to migratory ... Long Island Beaches - Where to Find Sprawling Sands on Long Island.
Oyster Bay Beach - Long Island, NY - About.com
Learn about Oyster Bay's Beach on the North Shore of Long Island, New York.
The Boardwalk at Long Beach, NY - Long Island, NY - About.com
Long Beach's boardwalk stretches for over two miles and faces the stunning beach.
Top Ten Attractions on Long Island, New York - Long Island, NY
With sugar-fine beaches, the glamorous Hamptons, famed golf courses and much more, Long Island has much to offer. Here are Long Island's best attractions.
LIRR - Long Island, NY Beach Getaways - About.com
Every Long Islander knows that the Long Island Rail Road can make a day trip to the beach a lot easier, without the typical traffic and other stresses of driving out ...
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