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New York Prescription Saver

Pharmacy discount card for qualifying New Yorkers


Are you struggling to meet the costs of your prescription drugs? The NYP$ --New York Prescription Saver-- may help. It's a pharmacy discount card for qualifying New Yorkers. You are eligible if you're not yet receiving Medicaid and you are:

  • between the ages of 50 and 65
  • or you have a disability
  • and your annual household income is less than $35,000 for a single household or less than $50,000 if you're married

To apply, please go to NYP$ and fill out their electronic application. You mail also download an application from their site and mail it to them. If you prefer, you may call them at (800) 788-6917 and ask for help filling out your application. TTY Users, call (800) 290-9138.

After sending in your application, you should receive your discount card within two weeks. When you use your card at participating pharmacies, you will receive a discount on most prescription medications. See the list of participating pharmacies at NYP$.
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