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Long Island Summer Camps

- Find out where your kids can go to camp in Nassau and Suffolk, NY


Throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties, you'll find a wide variety of summer camps on Long island. From sports camps to art, theater, music, science and other specialized camps, here's a sampling of the many places where your kids can have fun in the summer now that school's out.

Long Island Summer Camps - Nassau County, NY

Throughout Nassau County, you'll find a variety of summer camps that will keep the kids happy and busy during summer vacation. From sports camps to science camps and more, there's something for every age group and interest.

Long Island Summer Camps in Suffolk County

From Hauppauge to the Hamptons and all points in between, Suffolk County, Long Island offers a wealth of summer camps where the kids can spend time outdoors, playing their favorite sports or learning new skills.

Specialty Camps in Nassau County, Long Island, New York

Whether your children want to spend the summer learning more about art, science or sports, there's a camp in Nassau County that caters to their interests.

Specialty Camps in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

Throughout Suffolk County, there are unique camps that specialize in themes like science, sports, art and more. Find out about them in this article.

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