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How Do I Give Tips About Crimes to the Nassau County Police Department?

- How and where to give information about crimes to the Nassau County Police


Have you witnessed a crime in Nassau County, Long Island, or do you have information about such a crime? You can help bring criminals to justice by anonymously getting the word out to the Nassau County Police Department. All you have to do is call the Nassau County Police Crime Stoppers program at 1-800-244-TIPS and let them know what you've seen or heard. You'll be offered anonymity, and your tips could lead to the arrest of a criminal.

You'll help make Nassau County, NY a safer place to live and in addition, a cash reward of up to $2000 is offered to anyone who gives information that leads to the arrest of a criminal. Note that since all reward money is funded by private donations, there is no tax money used to pay rewards to those offering important information.

This is a community based program that has been proven to work. To date, with the help of citizens who anonymously volunteer information on crimes perpetrated in the area, the Nassau County Crime Stoppers program has resulted in hundreds of arrests for criminal offenses committed in Nassau County, NY.

Note: if you witness a crime in progress, you should immediately call 911 to report it to the police.

For more information on the Nassau County Crime Stoppers program, please visit http://police.co.nassau.ny.us/crimestoppers/index.htm.

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