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How Do I Recycle Unwanted Electronic Equipment in Nassau County?

- Where to recycle your unwanted electronics in Nassau County


When your computer, TV, DVD player or other electronic equipment becomes old or obsolete, you can recycle it rather than throwing it out, where it will leach lead, mercury and other hazardous materials into the environment. Here's a list of Nassau County's electronics recycling programs.

If your electronic equipment is in working order, instead of disposing of it, you might consider giving it away for free on Freecycle.org. The website lists items that people are giving away and also items that are wanted.

Town of Hempstead
Visit Town of Hempstead E-Cycling for information on the next collection dates and times. The town's e-cycling program is open only to residents of the Town of Hempstead.

Or call the Sanitation Department at (516) 378-2200 for more detailed information.

Town of North Hempstead
Visit the Town of North Hempstead website for more detailed information on recycling or call 311.

Town of Oyster Bay
Download a free brochure on the Town of Oyster Bay's S.T.O.P. (Stop Throwing Out Pollutants) and Electronic Waste Collection programs at the Town of Oyster Bay website, call (516) 624-6380 or write the Town of Oyster Bay Public Information Office, Oyster Bay Town Hall East, 54 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771. The brochure lists times and places of electronic waste collection.

Residents may also call (516) 677-5943 for more information on the S.T.O>P> and Electronic Waste Recycling programs.

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