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The African American Museum of Nassau County, NY


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African American Museum of Nassau County, Hempstead, NY.
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro

African American Museum, Hempstead, NY

Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
The African American Museum of Nassau County, located in Hempstead, NY was opened in its original location on Main Street in 1970. Since 1985, the museum has been housed in a 6000-square foot space and features paintings, drawings, sculpture, photographs, textiles and more that highlight African American art, history and culture.

The African American Museum of Nassau County features a series of changing exhibits and programs and workshops in its facility. The museum also houses the African Atlantic Genealogy Society which holds workshops and instruction in individual research in family genealogy.

The E-Learning Program helps users to conduct Internet research of particular interest to African Americans.

The museum also features an auditorium and a tea room with special teas and desserts to enhance the visitor experience.

In 2005, the African American Museum ws the recipient of the Museum Preservation Award by American Legacy Magazine. The museum was one of only 10 such venues honored for their commitment to preserve African American culture and history.

Best of all, this exciting museum is FREE, although visitors may give voluntary donations if they wish.

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