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Tour of Stony Brook, NY


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Tour of Stony Brook, Long Island, NY
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro

Stony Brook, NY - House on Main Street.

Photo © Linda Tagliaferro

Located on the North Shore of Long Island in Suffolk County, Stony Brook is considered a hamlet (an unincorporated area) within the Town of Brookhaven. (The town also encompasses areas including Blue Point, Brookhaven, Port Jefferson and Patchogue.) Stony Brook is approximately 60 miles away from Manhattan.

If you've never visited this area, you're in for a treat. Spend a day, a weekend or more in Stony Brook, and you'll discover quaint houses, natural wonders including a lovely harbor, as well as shopping, restaurants and more.

Take this self-guided walking/driving tour and see all the sights mentioned, or just visit a few of them and come back another time.

And if you decide to stay over for a night or a weekend mini-staycation, check out the Three Village Inn on Main Street.

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