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Discovery Wetlands Cruises from Stony Brook Harbor


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Discovery Wetlands Cruises from Stony Brook Harbor
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro

The Discovery, a 35-passenger pontoon boat, cruises from Stony Brook Harbor through the wetlands of West Meadow Creek.

Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
There are beautiful wetlands filled with birds and marine life near Stony Brook Harbor. Board the 35-passenger pontoon boat Discovery at the harbor for a wonderful 1 1/2-hour cruise through the soothing surroundings of West Meadow Creek. An naturalist onboard will give a running commentary about the history, geology and ecology of the area while you sit back and take in the lovely sights.

Go to The Ward Melville Heritage Organization or call (631) 751-2244 for current prices and more information, or to make reservations. The cruises run from May through the end of October. There are morning, midday and sunset cruises.

Remember to bring binoculars for close-up views of birds and other wildlife, and take along a sweater or light jacket because it is often a bit cooler on the water than on land.

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