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The readers of longisland.about.com would love to hear your opinions about varying questions pertaining to Long Island, New York. Please share your thoughts and comments by clicking on one or many of the questions below.

In some of the forms, you can just leave comments (you don't have to tell us your real name), and in others, you can even upload a photo if you like.

So go through the following list and please let your voice be heard.

1. What's Your Favorite Romantic Restaurant on Long Island, NY?

Photo © View restaurant
Photo © View restaurant
Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, a special birthday, a first or long-time anniversary or other special occasion, you'll want to dine in an intimate setting with soft lights and delectable food. I have my own list of Romantic Restaurants on Long Island, NY, but I haven't been to every restaurant in Nassau or Suffolk. So I'm relying on you, my readers, to let everyone know which restaurant you consider your favorite romantic venue on Long Island. Read more and let us know your favorite romantic restaurant....

2. What's the best place to spend a day on or near Long Island, NY?

Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
Long Island, NY offers some wonderful outdoor scenery, as well as museums and other cultural options. Tell us your idea of the best place to spend a day on ... or even near Long Island, NY. Read more and use our easy-to-fill-out form to tell us your idea of the best day trip to or from Long Island...

3. Your Favorite FREE Summer Concerts on Long Island, NY?

Free concerts in Montauk
Photo © Karin Wanag/Montauk Chamber of Commerce
From Oyster Bay to Northport to Montauk and all places in between, Long Island offers a huge variety of FREE summer concerts every year. Share your opinion about the best places to see concert on Long Island during the summer, without having to pay a dime. Click here and share your opinion...

4. Favorite Way To Spend New Year's Eve on Long Island?

Photo © The Garden City Hotel
Photo © The Garden City Hotel
From an annual gala at the Garden City Hotel to the oceanview party at Gurney's Inn, Long Island offers a wealth of options for a fun-filled New Year's Eve. What's your favorite way to ring in the new year? Read more and fill out an easy form to tell us your favorite way to spend New Year's Eve on Long Island...

5. Your Favorite Thing To Do on Long Island in Winter?

Photo © Michael D'Agostino
Photo © Michael D'Agostino
Everyone knows that Long Island's legendary beaches are a major attraction in the summer, but winter can also be a great time to savor the Island's snow-covered scenery or to snuggle up by a cozy fireplace in one of the great restaurants here. Tell us what you like to do on Long Island in the winter. Tell us about your favorite thing to do .....

6. Your Favorite Seafood Restaurant on Long Island, NY?

Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
With its proximity to the ocean and other bodies of water, it's only natural for Long Island to excel at offering a number of great seafood restaurants. Tell us about your favorite...

7. Why Did You Move To Long Island, NY?

Main Beach, East Hampton, NY
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
Whether it was for a new job or to be closer to a loved one, or to find more space for a growing family, every new resident of Long Island has a story to tell. Please share yours with our other readers.

8. Best and Worst Places for Dates on Long Island?

Photo © Limani
Photo © Limani
From the restaurant or outdoor venue that launched your long-time love affair to that nightmarish scenario at a venue on the Island, please tell us your opinion of the best and/or worst places to bring dates on Long Island.

9. My Long Island Wedding

Wedding reception at the Hedges Inn, Wainscott, NY.
Photo © Chris Foster
Tell us about the wonderful day when you tied the knot on Long Island. You can even upload a photo or two if you like. Tell us about your Long Island wedding...

10. Best Place To Live on Long Island, NY?

Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
Long Island is filled with towns, hamlets and other areas that are dear to the hearts of residents. Tell us about your favorite place to live on Long Island...

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