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Musu Sushi Restaurant Review - Sea Cliff, New York

- Delicious Sushi in Sea Cliff, NY

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Photo © Linda Tagliaferro

Musu restaurant - salmon avocado sushi roll

Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
Located on picturesque Sea Cliff Avenue in one of Long Island's most delightful towns, Musu is a reincarnation of the former Once Upon A Moose, which featured very different cuisine. It now provides a backdrop for tasty sushi and much more in a relaxed setting. The current eatery's full name, "Wansuaponamusu," is a whimsical, pseudo-Japanese rendition of the old name. Ask for a seat next to the window to do some people watching. The design features muted tones with a lovely turquoise chandelier hanging above, and lazy drapery sways in the breeze next to the windows. There's also an outdoor space with tables for dining in warm weather. The food is freshly prepared, well-presented on the plate and delicious.

Musu Sushi Restaurant - Review

This charming restaurant in Sea Cliff features a good-sized menu of both hot and cold appetizers, salads, sushi bar entrees, signature rolls and more. My husband and I dined there on a super-sweltering summer day, and although the restaurant was pleasantly cool, we weren't in the mood for a huge meal. So forgive me if I can't report on the appetizers and desserts. I just couldn't eat a large lunch while the outside temperature was in the 90s.

I ordered two of the restaurant's signature rolls. The Sweet Potato Tempura consisted of six delicious pieces of freshly-made and sliced pieces. I also opted to try the Avocado, Asparagus and Cucumber roll. They were beautifully presented on one long, slender white plate, and drizzled with a sweet sauce to complete the artistic design. I had asked for brown rice in my rolls, an option that some people will appreciate. There's a small extra charge for this.

The sweet potato roll featured that sublime blend of soft vegetables with a slight crunch around the outside, and the sweet sauce complimented it well. My other roll brought together creamy avocado slices with crunchy asparagus and cucumbers. It was an excellent flavor combination.

So my husband and I applaud the sushi chef who excels at what he does.

As far as the service went, that's another matter altogether. Maybe it was because it was super-hot outside and it was one of those days when you want to stay inside and drink a mint julep while huddling under the air conditioning, but we thought that the hostess and waiter could have been a bit more attentive. My husband and I were famished when we arrived, but we had to call over the hostess after what seemed like a long wait to remind her that we were there. She then sent our server to our table with menus. But then we later had to go over to the hostess again to remind her that we'd like to order, since the waiter was nowhere in sight. After a few minutes, he did come over to take our order.

So I highly recommend the food and ambience at this restaurant, but I'm hoping that the slow service from the hostess and the waiter were just a result of an overly warm day and that they normally are more attentive.

Musu sushi restaurant information:

Musu address: 304 Sea Cliff Avenue, Sea Cliff, New York
Phone: (516) 671-2493
Website: www.wansuaponamusu.com
Cuisine: Japanese.
Hours: Serving lunch from 12 noon to 3 p.m. Dinner is served from 5:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.

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