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The Annual Artists & Writers Charity Softball Game in East Hampton

- Watch celebrities playing softball for charity in East Hampton


Photo © Sonia Moskowitz

Christie Brinkley plays at the Artists and Writers Charity Softball Game in East Hampton

Photo © Sonia Moskowitz Photo © Sonia Moskowitz

B. Smith plays at the Artists and Writers Charity Softball Game in East Hampton.

Photo © Sonia Moskowitz

Update for 2014: This year, the 66th annual Artists and Writers Charity Softball Game will take place on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at Herrick Park in East Hampton. (Rain date: August 23, 2014.) Batting practice starts at noon and the game begins at 2 p.m. Suggested donation: $10, children under 12 enter for free. The game is for the benefit of the Eleanor Whitemore Early Childhood Center, Phoenix House, The Retreat and East End Hospice. A pre-game party and auction will be held at LTV Studio on Friday, August 15, 2014 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Tickets at www.LTVeh.org. Special auction items will be available on www.charitybuzz.com.

In the late 1940s, artists and others on the East End of Long Island would get together to play softball in Springs. These included Willem de Kooning and his wife, Jackson Pollock and more. Several writers joined them. Then in 1968, a group of artists and writers in the Hamptons challenged each other to a game of softball to raise money to cover the legal costs of two artists who had protested the Vietnam War. Since then, the event has been held each year in the summer. Today, the Artists & Writers Charity Softball Game takes place annually in East Hampton, NY and raises funds for charities like The East End Hampton Day Care Center, The Retreat (for battered women and abused children) and East End Hospice.

What makes this annual event so exciting are the celebrity players. In the past, team players have included Alec Baldwin, Christie Brinkley, Lori Singer, B. Smith, Donny Deutsch, Jay McInerny, Dustin Hoffman, Kurt Vonnegut, George Plimpton, John Irving, and many others who've tossed out softballs and swung bats for charity.

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