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Best Vegetarian Restaurants on Long Island

Where to Eat Great Vegetarian Meals on Long Island


11. Live Island Cafe - Raw Foods Take-Out

Live Island - Raw foods on Long Island, NY
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
UPDATE: This cafe has closed.

This raw foods establishment is exclusively for take-out. Their creations contain no meat, dairy, soy, MSG or genetically modified organisms. Some gluten-free and/or nut-free meals available. With tempting appetizers, soups, salads, entrees & desserts, you won't miss the meat. You can get raw pizzas, mock tuna wraps, meatless burgers and more. Specials for the kids include creamy almond butter with fresh berry, mango or banana jam on Essence bread with cinnamon apple "fries" and strawberry ketchup, mini soft tacos, and more. Don't miss the desserts like the Chocolate Brownie Cake or the White Chocolate Blueberry Cheeseless Cheesecake.

Live Island Cafe
201C E. Main St.
Huntington, NY
(631) 470-4972

12. Long Island Vegetarian Eatery

Update: This restaurant has closed. Billing themselves as "Long Island's only vegetarian and vegan eatery," Long Island Vegetarian Eatery is open 7 days a week (check their website for current hours) and offers appetizers like their Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip, hot and cold sandwiches, homemade brick oven pizza, and a variety of entrees. Need a dessert to go with your meal? Try the deep fried Oreos or their zeppoles. Note: they also deliver. Call (516) 785-LIVE (5483) or fax your order to (516)785-5482.

Long Island Vegetarian Eatery
3601 Merrick Road
Seaford, NY
(516) 785-LIVE (5483)

13. Cornucopia Natural Foods - mostly vegetarian

Cornucopia Natural Foods has a deli/cafe that features a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes and raw foods. (For your carnivore friends, they also have organic, free range meats.) Their fruit juices and smoothies contain only organic produce. Their desserts, like the Peanut Butter Tofu Cheesecake, are all dairy free and vegan. One is also gluten-free. Here's a link to Cornucopia's deli menu.

Cornucopia Natural Foods
39 North Main Street
Sayville, NY
(631) 589-9579.

14. FeelGoods Cafe - mostly vegetarian

UPDATE: This cafe has closed.
Although FeelGoods Cafe is not strictly vegetarian, there are many meatless options available. There's a wide range of the cafe's "Edgy Burgers," which they describe as "Veggie burgers with an edge," a kids' menus, pancakes for breakfast and more.

Your carnivore friends will enjoy hormone and antibiotic-free turkey or bison burgers.

FeelGoods Cafe
412 North Country Road
St. James, NY
(631) 390-8545

15. Order Appetizers & Side Dishes at Limani

Limani restaurant, Roslyn
Photo © Limani restaurant

This gourmet restaurant is far from vegetarian, since it specializes in Greek seafood. But if you look at the appetizers, you'll see that most are both delicious and meat- and fish-free. There's a mouthwatering plate of Greek spreads which includes skordalia -- a divine blend of almonds and garlic, melitzanosalata -- eggplant/garlic puree, and other culinary treats. The saganaki, pan-fried Greek kefalograviera cheese, is another excellent appetizer.

Then look at the side dishes. Horta is a delectable blend of red, white and gold Swiss chard, escarole, dandelions and spinach. The white and green asparagus is steamed and tossed with olive oil. Or try the grilled red and yellow peppers.

1043 Northern Boulevard, Roslyn
(516) 869-8989

16. Order Appetizers and Side Dishes at the Backroom Trattoria

Back Room Trattoria
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro

Tucked away behind the Iavarone Brothers Cafe, you'll find delectable food at the Back Room Trattoria. Italian food traditionally includes many savory appetizers and side dishes that often don't include meat. Order the trattoria's hearty appetizers like the superbly prepared polenta with a delicate mushroom and gorgonzola cheese sauce. With one or two appetizers like these, you won't miss a meat entree, but your carnivore friends can dig into the meat dishes at this eatery.

After eating, drop by Iavarone Brothers Foods next door and buy some excellent Italian food. You'll find plenty of non-meat choices to bring home.

The Back Room Trattoria at Iavarone Brothers
1534 Union Turnpike
Lake Success Center
Lake Success, NY
(516) 488-4500

17. Order Appetizers and More at Anise (formerly Tel Aviv)

TLV Tel Aviv restaurant hummus
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro

Another update: This restaurant has closed.
UPDATE: Tel Aviv is now called Anise, and it has the same great hummus and more, but it is no longer certified kosher.

From the best varieties of hummus that I've ever tasted to babaganoush that's redolent of garlic and eggplant, to other small plates like roasted Cauliflower and Tahini Salad, a good portion of the menu at Tel Aviv in Great Neck is meatless. In addition, since it's glatt kosher, there is no dairy at this restaurant which also serves meat dishes for your carnivore friends.

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18. Vegetarian & Vegan Options at Ariana

Bolanee (potato leek turnovers) at Ariana Restaurant, Huntington, NY
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro

I assumed that Afghani cuisine was filled with lamb, chicken and beef, but along with food for the carnivore crowd,  Ariana Restaurant in Huntington Village also offers a wide range of Afghani fusion vegetarian and vegan appetizers, entrees and dessert. From their Vegetarian Kechri -- brown rice risotto with mung beans topped with falafel and chick peas in marinara sauce to the potato and leek turnovers with a tasty yogurt and mint sauce, Ariana serves up meat-free, gourmet delights. Conclude your savory lunch or dinner with  the vegan Key Lime Pie or Sheer Brinj, a delighful, hearty rice pudding with subtle spices.

Ariana Restaurant
255 Main Street
Huntington Village, NY
(631) 421-2933

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19. Purple Elephant - vegan options


Along with a wide variety of food including sustainable seafood and grass-fed meats, this cozy cafe offers a great deal of vegan and vegetarian options, and many of the ingredients come from local, organic farms. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner all day long, and they have food to go. You can order eggs, but vegan options include meat-free "bacon" and "eggs" (made from tofu) and even dairy-free "cheese." 

There are lots of delicious desserts, and some are even gluten free. I highly recommend their chocolate brownies.

See my review at The Purple Elephant Market Cafe.

Purple Elephant Market Cafe
81b Fort Salonga Road
Northport, NY
(631) 651-5001

20. Green Melody

Photo © Linda Tagliaferro
Photo © Linda Tagliaferro

Update: Unfortunately, Green Melody closed in 2010.

You'll never miss beef or chicken at this gourmet Chinese restaurant specializing in vegan (no meat, dairy or other animal products) & kosher cuisine. Some meals look and taste a bit like meat, but it's pure vegetarian heaven here. Appetizers include hearty, organic king oyster mushroom fritters & mushrooms on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes and snow peas with an aromatic sauce. The sesame "chicken" has the same mouth-feel as the real thing, so you can bring your meat-eating friends and they'll never know the difference.

Green Melody Restaurant
519 North Broadway (in the shopping center)
Jericho, NY
(516) 681-5715

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