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Great Beaches and Wonderful Diversity

Share Your Story: What Do You Love About Long Island? What Do You Hate About Long Island?

By Tommy

What I Love Or Hate About Long Island

There are many great things about Long Island. It has a very easy commute into Manhattan, it is easy to get around, and most importantly, we have GREAT beaches!!!!! Some of the best in the country. Also, Long Island, in some parts, are EXTREMELY diverse. If there was one thing i would have to say about Long Island that I don't like, it would be that it is (In only NASSAU county) EXTREMELY crowded in some areas. I grew up in long island so i cant hate it. It is a great place.

What I Love Or Hate About These Things

I hate absolutely nothing about Long Island, New York. It is really a great area to live in, and Long Island has lots of very nice things to offer to all the people who live in the Tri-State area. It is great!


  • Long Island is a great place. Do not listen to the stereotypes about it or how the people say we say Long GUYLAND. it is not true. Being from Long Island i promise you it is better than Jersey or connecticut, being that i lived in jersey for a year then moved back

Linda Tagliaferro, About.com Long Island, NY, says:

Thanks so much for your comment, Tommy. I agree... especially about Long Island having great beaches. You can see photos and descriptions of some of them at Long Island Beaches.

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