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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Thrift Shop on Long Island?

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From the article: Long Island Thrift Shops
What's your favorite thrift shop on Long Island? What are some of the best items you can buy there? Please share your comments with our readers. Thanks!


Cassidy's Closet is, by far, the best thrift shop that I have been to. It is adorable, clean, clothing in near new condition, and the staff is great! Also have a huge line of new accessories. I think they opened in 2011. They carry all Abercrombie, Hollister, Juicy, etc. . . Located in Massapequa Park.

Finders Keepers in Lake Grove

By far the best! Every item is in great shape and clean. I've gone in looking for 3 things at a time and have ended up finding all three. Friendly and honest owners that are a pleasure to visit with. Something new every day. A real adventure in past and present. Great prices too! Or should we be keeping this place a secret?
—Guest Debbie Console

Finders Keepers Lake Grove

Beautiful, organized and CLEAN!!! Definite must-see.
—Guest BabyBear

finders keepers

very good place to find a wide selection of items from many diffrent time periods, some older items and some newer items ... ove all very wonderful place
—Guest anthony bugs

Another Junk Store

Another over priced JUNK store. Do we really need another one of these?
—Guest Finders Keepers of Lake Grove

Finders Keepers of Lake Grove

something for everyone. Very friendly people. Lovly items at reasonable prices. Plenty of parking .
—Guest chubba momma

New Thrift Store

We just opened a new thrift store on Middle Country Road in Lake Grove (across from Good Steer)
—Guest Finders Keepers

a hidden gem

My favorite thrift store is St Mary's Nearly New located next to St Mary's in Lake Ronkonkoma. Such deals, different color tickets mean different savings. Another thing, everybody there is volunteering their time. All money goes to support the church. It will be become a favorite place.
—Guest Lcmsa

You missed at least 4 shops

There are 2 Unique thrift shops,one on Old Country Rd in Westbury (where Nat'l Wholesale Liquidators used to be), and the other in the basement of the TriCounty Flea Market on Hempstead Turnpike in Farmingdale. There is also a new small thrift shop on south side of Jericho Turnpike in Floral Park and a large shop on the north side of Hempstead Turnpike in West Hempstead. Enjoy!
—Guest Ima Mentsch

Closing Of Northern Thrift

I was so disappointed when I learned that Northern Thrift was closing, I was a regular shopper there finding so many great things from beautiful clothes, to cute shoes, to videos, to great costume jewelry, furniture on and on. I hope they will re-open somewhere again in the Hunt/Hunt Sta area. If they are going to re-open in a new store I will be the first inside the store when the doors open. I heard the made them move out because some grocery store bought the building, welll where is this phantom grocery store? I cannot think of a worse place for a grocery store what with the light being right there and as it was it was not all that easy getting on the exit line of cars, with the high volume of grocery shoppers it seems like it will be an entering and exiting nightmare. It was the ideal spot however for a thrift store which, yes has a steady stream of shoppers, but throughout the day, not like all at once and en masse.
—Guest Lovethriftstores

Worst LI Thrift Shop

I've got a new baby and one less income, so I've become very frugal, hitting clearance sales and craigslist. I was shocked and greatly disappointed with the prices at the Salvation Army on Little East Neck (?) in W. Babylon. I realize that this is a charity organization, however, in my search for a coffee maker, I found that I was much better off purchasing retail, as there were obvious flaws which made the working condition of many of their as-is small appliances very questionable. Perhaps I need to just wait it out for the garage sales of spring to buy such luxury items. Honestly, I do much better curb shopping on trash day. I keep going back to the Salvation Army, a couple of times a year, and I always walk out empty handed, because I just can't afford to shop there.
—Guest Super Thrifty

The Port Washington Twin Pines...

Food Cooperative & Charitable Thrift goals are mainly two: redistribute food, clothing, and other household goods to children, seniors and others in need, plus provide training and work experience for the challenged. Located on the north shore of Long Island, New York, around 24 miles east of Manhattan, in the Harold E. Mertz Community Center across from the Town Dock on Main Street. For more info and reviews please see http://google.com/profilespwtwinpines

Northern Thrift

Hello. Just wanted to add that Selden Thrift located on Middle Country was the second 'sister' shop to Island Thrift. Same owners as Island & Northern. I used to work there years ago. It's still open and going strong. Same deal with 1/2 off color tags and what not.
—Guest Joethrift

Heartbroken over Northern Thrift

I was heartbroken when I found out Northern Thrift closed. I drove there last weekend and didn't even know that they closed their doors. What I always appreciated about them was their handling of women's business pants suits. They kept the suits together. The Salvation Army in Babylon separates these, which makes shopping for work clothes a drag. I'm really happy there is a sister store in Island Thrift, I'll visit there this weekend
—Guest LI Thrift

Northern Thrift Has Closed

Just a note to say that in the winter of 2009, Northern Thrift closed. Everyone was sad to see it go. I added a mention of this to my article on thrift shops. A sister store, Island Thrift, in Brentwood, is still open.

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